am i that ugly?

Everybody seems nice :) Everybody seems...happy.. But why I am feeling like this?? Why I feel lonely?? Why I feel alone? Somebody!!!! :'( I need someone who understands me.. Comfort me, Hug me And love me.... But why I am feeling like this?? Am I not that enough?? Am I ugly? Am I not that strong? Am I not that tall?? Why I don't have friends? Why everybody seems to ignore me?? Why everybody sees that I'm like a virus? Someone,somebody!! Help me!! I need you to comfort me!! Do I need to live?? Do I need to be here?? To be with my family and friends?? To be with my classmates and my teachers?? Do I need to do all the projects and assignments?? Do I need to post it ?? Do I need to be loved?? Do I need to be alive? What will you ask for?
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